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Smartrooms užduočių kambario dovanų kuponas
We offer two types of gift cards – a nice box with card inside and an electronic version of a gift card. You can choose from two colors – red or brown. Inside, you will find a coupon that contains all the important information: from who, for whom, value and expiration date. There is also an opportunity to get an electronic version that you can print and give it to a person close to you!
If you want to give your friend, family member or colleague an interesting and exclusive gift, „Smartrooms“ offers you a gift card. A person who receives a gift card will be able to use it at his or her convenience by calling a team of 2-5 people.
Smartrooms užduočių kambario dovanų kuponas

Group size

2-5 people




55 €


Gedimino pr. 26, Vilnius.

The Mothman

The Mothman is a mythical creature, which was spotted in the 70‘s not far from Point Pleasant in West Virginia. Those who saw it describe the creature as being 2 meters tall with vivid red eyes, massive moth-like wings, and it ‘s overall shape being somewhat similar to a human. A theory spread throughout the town, that this eerie figure only appears before a disaster, as a warning. This happened in 1967 on December 15th, when a silver bridge which connected the two sides of Ohio river, collapsed. 64 people died that day. The phenomenon of this creature changed the fate of the town. Many have risked their lives trying to find and solve the mystery of the Mothman, but every attempt has ended in the disappearance of the investigator. The same fate fell upon the man whose room you have entered – he was trying to save as many lives as possible, tirelessly trying to find out the date of the next catastrophe and prevent it, but sadly he failed in his mission, he disappeared without a trace. Will you and your friends manage to accomplish what this man has started, will you find out when the disaster will happen and save your team?

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Abandoned Cabin in the Woods

This year, you and your friends have decided to go on a hike that leads through a picturesque forest route. At the beginning of the journey, you had no idea that you’ll find an abandoned cabin standing between the trees. Locals say that it belonged to a family that mysteriously disappeared. Now, you and your friends are ready to find out what happened to that family and experience a thrilling life adventure. When you open the cabin’s door, you realize that it’s full of family items and hides a mysterious story. Your adventure becomes an unsettling and wicked detective that you need to solve in 60 minutes. Otherwise… you’ll face that poor family’s fate.


Mad Astronomer’s Room

 Just by entering the room, you can already feel that there is some kind of a secret in the air that needs to be revealed... One astronomer devoted all of his life to observe the sky and all the phenomena above Earth’s atmosphere. But one night he discovered something. Something that led him to complete insanity. The room is full of ingenious and exciting tasks that will drag you in and make you feel as a part of the mysterious study. Accept the challenge and find out what Astronomer saw… and knew.


Our location: Gedimino pr. 26, Vilnius
Our phone number: +37067041125
Our e-mail:
We‘re open on:
I-V 12:00-22:00
VI-VII 10:00-22:00


Registration in advance is required. You can do it in several ways.

  1. By phone: +37067041125
  2. By e-mail:
  3. By Facebook (give us a message):


Very elaborate escape room - the cabin in the wood.

Been there second time with friends. Interesting and challenging.

Very fun and well set out escape room, and good value for money compared to all the others in Vilnius. Perfect to do in English too.

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